Video Borescope Inspection System SV-1000

Video Borescope Inspection System SV-1000

1.6 mm Ø, 400 x 400, CMOS

The new SV-1000 is a revolutionary chip-on-tip video borescope camera that delivers an excellent solution for a variety of inspection applications. The new 1.6 mm diameter camera system includes the ultra-small CMOS sensor with 400 x 400 pixel resolution, 120-degree FOV lens and integrated LED light for illumination within a 1.9m flexible shaft. The incredibly small diameter sensor assembly includes a mountable handle and connects to a separate camera/LED controller. The revolutionary system features dual, simultaneous-image outputs, to connect to an HDMI® compatible display and USB 3.0, allowing the flexibility for viewing from a connected display as well as through a PC for image capture and documentation. The front end borescope is rated to IPx7 and can be completely submerged for cleaning or submerged during operation. The separate camera control unit is water resistant to IPx4.

The SV-1000 is not intended for medical use or for use in the inspection of medical instruments and surgical devices.

VSD specializes in supplying advanced chip-on-tip camera technology for custom OEM integration in surgical imaging and other devices. Please contact VSD to explore your application requirements.

SV-1000 Data Sheet

Key Features

  • Small size—only 1.6 mm diameter
  • 400 x 400 pixel resolution
  • 120-degree FOV lens
  • Integrated LED light for illumination within a 1.9m flexible shaft
  • Waterproof / soakable system
  • Dual, simultaneous image outputs
  • Flexible sensor assembly module
  • SDK for development of user controls via convenient USB control

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