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Optimized workflow

  • Interactive GUI for intuitive operation
  • Quick protocol and exam configuration
  • Automatic selection of protocols and APRs from scheduled exam data
  • Timely network distribution of images
  • Supports multiple study acquisition
  • Highly customizable to local preferences

Advanced Image Processing

  • Canon’s superior image processing technology
  • Proprietary contrast and sharpness enhancement
  • Advanced features come standard, such as:
    Stitching* / Advanced Edge Enhancement*

    * The details are below.


  • Encryption of DICOM data and images
  • Authentication of users and connections
  • Operation from secure environment with no access to operating system (Windows 10)

In addition, this proprietary software is Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) and DICOM® 3.0 compliant and has features that can help practitioners with their HIPAA compliance efforts.

IHE Integration Statement

DICOM Conformance Statement

Main Features

  • Optimized workflow with few operational steps
  • Supports various workflows
  • Interactive GUI for intuitive operation
  • Available touch-screen operation including “pinch to zoom”
  • Free rotation of images in small increments
  • Stitching comes standard—up to 4 images combined into one image
  • Advance Edge Enhancement—The image processing for improved visualization of tubes, catheters and bone details.
  • Windows® 10 OS Supported
  • Compatible operation with Windows Defender, McAfee, & ESET anti-virus software
  • Flexible dose reporting using Radiation Dose Structured Report, MPPS, and exposure logs
  • Export of exposure data (including rejects) for analysis.
  • Automatic export of rejected images and audit logs.
  • Cybersecurity provisions including IHE ATNA (secure DICOM and audit trail).

Advanced Image processing


NE has stiching function in standard feature.

Stitching of up to 4 images, which utilizes Canon photographic technology and pixel-to-pixel matching.

Advanced Edge Enhancement

NE hasadvanced visualization function in standard feature.

The image processing improves visualization of tubes, catheters and bone details. The software has three different image processing algorithms (small structures, bone detail and catheter setting).

† † Specifications subject to change without notice.

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