Innovative Video Borescope Inspection Solution SV-2000

Innovative Video Borescope Inspection Solution SV-2000

The innovative SV-2000 is a cutting-edge chip-on-tip video borescope camera which supports a diverse range of inspection applications. When getting into tight spaces, the SV-2000 has the capacity to deliver full-color, high resolution video inspections and image capture.

The SV-2000 is ideally suited for a variety of inspections including catheters, tooling, machined parts, and assembly process monitoring. Two new control systems provide automatic brightness control, multi-sensor compatibility, and image capture of still images or video clips. All of the SV-2000 scopes are fully sealed and water resistant for disinfection or use in wet environments.

SV-2000 Data Sheet


Key Features

  • Two control unit options:
    • Tablet with integrated touchscreen display and on-board recording
    • CCU for use with external display (not included) and recording to USB media
  • Three rugged, flexible scope configurations:
    • 1.6 mm x 1.9m, 120° FOV, 400 x 400 resolution
    • 1.05 mm x 1.2m, 120° FOV, 200 x 200 resolution
    • 0.89 mm x 1.2m, 120° FOV, 400 x 400 resolution
  • All scopes water resistant IPX7
  • All scopes are plug and play with CCU or tablet
  • Scope handle 1/4 x 20 thread mount
  • 10” class touchscreen CCU features:
    • On-board image recording & playback
    • Image annotation
    • Image export to USB media
    • Magic Light feature for brightness control
  • Both control units include:
    • Outputs to HDMI® compatible display and USB 3.0
    • USB 3.0 output for streaming connection to PC
    • Manual and Auto brightness control
    • White Balance and Calibration functions
    • Firmware updates via USB

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