Typical applications—Area-scan, color critical applications, real-time video or machine vision, process control, quality, assembly and inspection.

VSD offers a combination of Camera Link® and real-time HD and UltraHD video cameras providing imaging for area-scan color critical applications in process visualization, inspection, NDT, assembly and quality. Canon’s proprietary prism block technology delivers incredibly sharp resolution and accurate colors and is ideal for precision color inspection, food sorting, packaging, color printing and a variety of other applications involving high speed color imaging. Video cameras provide real-time video output up to 59.94fps and Camera Link models feature user-defined scan regions for substantially higher acquisition frame rates. VSD’s cameras offer flexibility to adapt to various mechanical and technical environments with 3-CMOS prism block configurations. Single-piece cameras and remote-head models are also available.

Now Available—JCS-HR5U HD video camera featuring simultaneous HDMI® and USB 3.0 outputs

Real-Time Video Cameras
UltraHD IK-4K UltraHD IK-4K Ultra HD provides the highest possible resolution at 60fps, especially at lower magnification settings 10X and below.
IK-HD5U USB IK-HD5U Exceptional color accuracy, HD 1080p, 60fps blur free imaging, highest sensitivity, sensitivity DVI, 3G-SDI/HD-SDI and USB3.0 outputs.
JCS-HR5U JCS-HR5U Ultra-compact, HD CMOS video camera features simultaneous HDMI & USB3.0 image outputs for direct view and image capture to a computer.
Area-Scan, PoCL, Camera Link Cameras for Machine Vision
IK-TF7P2 IK-TF7P2 Area-scan, color applications, 3-chip CCD, providing exceptional color accuracy and sensitivity up to 1024 x 768, Camera Link output.
IK-TF5P2 JCT-TF5G Area-scan, color applications, 3-chip CCD, providing exceptional color accuracy and sensitivity up to 659 x 494, Camera Link output.
Chip-On-Tip Cameras
SV-2000 SV-2000 1.6mm Ø Waterproof Endoscope & Industrial Inspection Camera.

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