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Video Sensing Devices (VSD)

CANON MEDICAL COMPONENTS U.S.A., INC., Video Sensing Devices (Irvine, CA), is the exclusive representative within the Americas for various video camera technologies developed and manufactured by Canon Corporation (CINC) in Japan. Previously known for more than twenty years as the Imaging Systems Division of Toshiba, Video Sensing Devices has now joined Canon Medical Components U.S.A.. With Canon, VSD continues its legacy supplying video camera components and technology as the solution of choice for specialized video applications in surgical imaging, clinical microscopy, aerospace, and live event broadcasting applications. VSD is the video technology leader with its ultra-compact, exceptional performance, high definition (HD) and Ultra-HD 4K 3-CMOS color video cameras and economical single-chip HD cameras. VSD also supplies cutting edge chip-on-tip video camera technologies for surgical imaging and industrial inspection applications. VSD provides a convenient single point of contact for the video camera products and supports all sales, quality, regulatory and technical service needs. All camera configurations, customized video solutions and related accessories are accompanied by VSD’s responsive, personalized sales approach and comprehensive tech support. VSD distributes its innovative camera technologies to original equipment manufacturers, integrators and authorized distributors for the medical, scientific, industrial, and manufacturing markets.